Leadership Lessons from Luke 5.18-20

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Are you open to leading?

Ask God to give you a vision that brings healing to others. It may be physical, emotional, or mental, but each of us should ask Him for a vision aimed at bringing life to others! As people perceive your vision is meant to help, they will come to you.

Four men bring a paralyzed man to Jesus. They climb up a ladder to get to the roof. They dig a hole in the roof. Imagine being in the home as seeing parts of the roof falling on the living room floor? They lower him down to Jesus. In other words they do all they can. They lead from their strengths. People will work hard when they see great vision.

Immediately Jesus offers forgiveness to the man. He deals with the man’s sins and past before dealing with the man’s future. The men want Jesus to heal the paralyzed man so he can walk again. Jesus wants to heal the man’s soul so he can do life.

Vision aimed only at the temporal needs is only temporary. Project a vision that seeks to empower people’s future in greater ways than they could ever hope or dream.

Perhaps the man only thought of walking, only to return home and look for a job. Jesus gives him this and so much more. He offers hope, future and eternity. Regardless of whether you realize it or not, all vision eventually leads to eternity.

The question is how will your vision lead others for both now and forever? It’s not a question of either/or, but rather a both/and.




Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.42-44

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Leaders need rest.

Jesus takes moments for himself following a long night of meeting with people. Verse 42 tells us that when it was day, he departed. We don’t know whether he was able to sleep or if he ministered to people throughout the night.

Either way it appears he needs to break away from the crowds and spend time in solitude. Leaders know the value of solitude. It rests them from the demands of others, while preparing them for the opportunities ahead of them.

Our culture has turned things around when it comes to this subject. We should rest in order to work, rather than work in order to rest. It’s in our work that we worship. Rest then is God’s gift to us.

Once the people find Jesus he tells them he has to preach the good news to other towns. This was his purpose. This was why he rested.

Rest is a part of God’s purpose for your life as well. Those with the greatest vision and most potential for leadership view rest as a close friend. Without this friend, failure is inevitable.

What do you do to rest?

How are you enabling and encouraging those who follow you to find rest?

Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.14-15

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I invite you to re-read Luke 4.1. “And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness…”

Jesus was full of the Spirit AND led by the Spirit. As leaders it becomes crucial that we follow this pattern of followship. We are to be full and led by the Spirit for the work of God in and through our lives.

Following Jesus’ temptation, he begins his ministry. In other words, his vision begins to unfold for the people. So much has happened up to this point in preparation for the vision.

Verse 14 is an interesting one. Following the temptation, Jesus returns ‘in the power of the Spirit.’ Jesus is empowered for the mission before him. He realizes that before spreading the vision God has strategically placed in his heart, he must have an encounter with the power of the Spirit.

Note the transformation that takes place. Jesus full (covered over) of the Spirit moves to in the power (special miraculous power) of the Spirit. Leaders who attempt to move out without the power of the Spirit potentially limit their impact. It’s the work of the Spirit in us that ushers in results.

Avoid the greatest temptation of all…leading in your own strength.

It is from here that Jesus begins his ministry. Verse 15 tells us that he begins his teaching ministry. His message has stood the test of temptation.

In what ways are you allowing the Spirit of God to work in your life?

What gifts will you need to lead?


Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.8-14

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God is orchestrating the necessary resources for your vision.

Verse 8 mentions that shepherds were in the same region as Mary and Joseph. God was working his plan in others in order for the vision to be fulfilled. The vision you carry, although extremely valuable, is one aspect of the overall mission.

You need resources for the vision. After all, the vision is still just a ‘baby’ one. God sized visions always begin small.

Zechariah 4.10a – “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,…”

Your vision as a leader needs to grow at a sustainable pace. Don’t rush it. Let it grow in its time. Allow God to refine you in the process. We will see this principle hold true in the next post.

Note the detail the angel gives to the shepherds.

Luke 2.12 – “And you will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.”

You may find individuals pass by your vision because they are looking for a bigger vision. Do not let this discourage you. God is sending you the perfect resources and people who are looking for the vision you carry.

How are you caring for the ‘baby’ vision you currently hold?


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151HTeamwork requires two things.

First you must have a team. Second you have to agree to work…together as a team.

Take either one away and you are left with a team that doesn’t work or you end up working alone. Life was meant to be lived with others. Work is meant to be accomplished as a team.

God modeled this in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Genesis 1.26a – “Then God said, ‘Let us make human beings…'” Let US work together to make people.

We work best when we work together.

Life is difficult enough when we attempt to approach it by ourselves. The key to accomplishing much of what lies in front of us is to be part of a team that works together. This means a couple of things.

We must learn to trust one another.

We must learn to appreciate the gifts/abilities others bring to the team.

Different positions…same team.

We must learn to not just work as a team but celebrate as a team. No one individual is more valuable than another. We work together as a team, we celebrate together as a team.


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