Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.38-41

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Leadership begins in the home.

As leaders we must understand the gravity of this one statement. If we can’t lead our homes what makes us believe we can lead others?

Peter’s mother-in-law is sick with fever. Let’s be honest. You must be a pretty good leader if you’re being asked to pray for someone’s mother-in-law! Leadership is all about restoring others, serving others and loving others.

Isn’t this the model Jesus left for us? He loved others. He served others and he brought restoration to lives.

Note what happens next. The crowd comes to Jesus. Jesus simply helps one woman. She then responds by utilizing her gifts. She served. Leadership is all about helping others discover their gifts and then seeing them act upon them. This builds the Kingdom!

Following this, the crowd comes to Jesus. Leadership is not about attempting to draw a crowd to yourself. It’s about serving the one and then watching what God does in the midst of your service.

How are you utilizing your leadership for the one?




Leadership Lessons From Luke 1.46-56

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Your vision is meant to compliment another vision.

Singing fills the atmosphere as Mary encounters Elizabeth and her child. I’m not sure I’ve ever had anyone sing upon entering a room with me in it. Mary expresses great joy upon discovering Elizabeth is pregnant and that she will share in this same experience.

Just as a finely tuned orchestra, our vision plays in harmony with the bigger purpose. Vision in a leader’s life is always more exciting when that leader discovers others are pregnant with vision also. This holds especially true when another’s vision is to compliment yours and vice versa.

God looks upon Mary as a carrier of great vision due to her being able to lead herself. Verse 48 tells us this as Mary sings, “he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.” In other words, she was living right before God prior to receiving vision.

We must be able to lead ourselves before we can lead others.

1.56 – “And Mary remained with her about three months and returned to her home.”

Mary and Elizabeth talk. They discuss how the visions will work together for a greater good. They pray together, laugh, serve and hope. There is no jealousy of the other’s vision. Each is assigned a specific task.

God has given you vision as a leader. It’s time to discover how this vision compliments others as they walk pregnant with vision.



Leadership Lessons From Luke 1.8-17

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A Collision with Destiny

I love how Zechariah ‘just happens’ to be serving as priest on this particular day. He was chosen by lot (verse 9) “while his division was on duty.”

There are moments when you may feel as if you are simply going through the motions and doing your job. It’s at these times that God has other plans. He has set you up for an encounter…a collision with destiny.

What fascinates me with this passage is that God was fully aware of the pain Zechariah and Elizabeth had been carrying in their life, not having a child. Yet He chose to wait until a specific moment in time to deliver the news to the couple.

He gives them instructions on how to care for and raise the child because he has a tremendous call on his life.

“And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.” 1.16

You may feel barren in your call or leadership. You may feel as if you are simply going through the motions. You may feel forgotten. I assure you, God has not forgotten and has been working behind the scenes preparing you for a collision.

What He wishes to do in your life is far greater than you could have imagined when you entered this season. Continue to be faithful in what you’re doing today. It’s not an accident you find yourself serving.

What are you doing today in preparation for a birthing of destiny in your life?

12 Christmas Gifts That Outlive You

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The average person will spend about $800 on gifts this year. Tragically one year from now the giver of gifts will have little to show for it. To leave a meaningful gift is to leave one that outlasts you…one that costs YOU something. Something you can’t put a price tag on but has incredible value to the recipients.

So why not make Christmas a bit more spectacular this year? Not that your previous holiday celebrations have not already been marvelous. But what about doing something a bit extraordinary?

Each of us have our favorite holiday traditions. My favorite is having the family come over to open stockings and then have a hearty breakfast. By all means, keep those…just add one or two others. Why not do something outside the wrapped Christmas box?

If you’re reading this blog (thanks!), you’ve celebrated at least seven December 25ths, (more than likely several more than that). Why not do something that creates more of a life legacy and less of a pile of discarded wrapping paper. A gift that’s truly long-lasting and huge!


So in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 gift suggestions that outlive you.

  1. Invite someone in your neighborhood/community who doesn’t have family to join you for dinner
  2. Sponsor a child –
  3. Help serve dinner or lead Christmas carols in a nursing home
  4. Give a gift to a child –
  5. Surprise a police officer with a coffee gift card
  6. Feed a child –
  7. Purchase a tree w/lights for a single parent family
  8. Donate coats, blankets, clothes to a homeless shelter
  9. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen/shelter
  10. Give an offering to your favorite charity
  11. Give a handmade ornament to co-workers
  12. Purchase a small gift, given with a message of encouragement, to hand out to people you come in contact with during the day. These could include grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, waiters, mall security, bank tellers, etc…

In other words do something for someone who can offer you nothing in return. Make this holiday truly a holiday about giving. After all isn’t this the reason Christmas began in the first place?

What new tradition will you add this Christmas?

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