Leadership Lessons from Luke 5.6-11

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It’s been stated on more than one occasion that, people follow vision. We see this principle in action here is this moment. Men follow the lead of Jesus by putting their nets out in the deep water. This after a full day of fishing. They were tired, hungry and perhaps a bit frustrated.

In the midst of this, Jesus urges them to go back out for a catch. Once the men follow his lead they see the power and potential of this man. People are looking for leadership. People want to follow people who are leaders. But it goes much further than this one fact.

Of course knowing the end of the story is one advantage we have that the disciples did not. Peter and the others have no idea where this will carry them. Jesus knows. He is setting them up to become leaders. Shouldn’t this be the aim of each leader? To birth more leaders, capable of making more.

The men are simply happy to be following a leader. Little did they know that they will one day become leaders of the Church and the initial leaders of Christianity. Jesus takes a few men who were simple fishermen and turns them into world changers! That’s leadership!

Yet it doesn’t seem to be that the men would be leaders that draws them into following Jesus. It is something about Jesus that draws them. It is more than Jesus simply knowing how to fish. Regular fishermen would be happy to ask Jesus where the next catch would be and fish in that place next time. After all he had already led them to a great fishing spot once. Certainly he can do it again and again.

They see something in Jesus that compels them to leave their nets and lifestyle to follow.

What do you see in Jesus that urges you to follow?

What have you laid down in order to follow?

How is Jesus shaping your leadership? Where do you see him leading you?


Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.20-22

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I’m always amazed at how Jesus handled himself in the crowds. Following the reading from the scrolls he sits down. He doesn’t attempt to fight the naysayers, rather he sits down. Everyone in the synagogue had their eyes fixed on him.

Allow God to raise you up.

Verse 22, tells us that all spoke well of him and marveled at the gracious words that were coming from his mouth. It’s the would be leader who attempts to defend their legacy or leadership that we should avoid.

Leadership is found in the gracious words we speak while in the crowds. Jesus learned to speak grace long before he acted on grace. His words matched his actions.

Later in the same verse those present question Jesus’ heritage. “Isn’t this Joseph’s son,” they ask? In other words, how is this possible? “He is a simple carpenter,” were the whispers floating through the air.

May your leadership be met with those same whispers.

Let it be said of you that God has positioned you for such a time as this. May the essence of your leadership be that of graciousness.

Remember, regardless of your heritage, God is able to exalt you to greater places of leadership. Don’t allow your past to upset your potential.

Make it a point to speak words of grace to others.

How are you matching the words you speak to the action you desire?

Faith to Move Trees

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Life is a journey.

A journey of trust, faith, adventure, risk, hope, and certainly, uncertainty.

During our journey each of us will have reason to celebrate as well as run up against obstacles meant to slow us or even stop us from succeeding. Most days great faith is not needed to move the mountains in our path. More often life’s journey calls for an occasional tree that needs to be moved. Don’t get me wrong, whether a mountain or a tree, it involves taking a risk, a bit of hope, some trust and without question, faith is desperately needed. When faith demands action, initiation trumps participation. Start a revolution that demonstrates your spirit of adventure. Not only will you see tremendous movement in your life as a result, but you’ll  witness others, who will be challenged to be a part of your movement. Watch this inspiring two and a half minute video demonstrating the creative potential when just one believes and then ask…

  • what is an area of my life that I need more child-like faith?
  • how could I step out in faith today?
  • a risk I’m willing to take that helps others?
  • who could I share my journey of faith with to help encourage them?

What message did you get after watching this video?