God’s Promises

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Did you know there are over 5000 promises God gives us in the Bible? Even though he has made several promises, he has never broke any of them. Every promise was made with you in mind! Here are just a few of his promises.

God rescues you when you are in trouble. Psalm 50.15

God promises to be your protector. Psalm 84.11

God gives you his peace. John 14.27

God will never leave you or abandon you. Hebrews 13.5

God walks with you in times of trouble. Psalm 138.7

God’s love never ends. 1 Chronicles 16.34

God meets your everyday needs. Matthew 6.33

God promises abundant life. John 10.10

God promises that if we search for him we will find him. Deuteronomy 4.29

God promises to listen when we pray. Jeremiah 29.12

God is your strength and help in trouble. Psalm 46.1

God heals your wounds and hearts. Psalm 147.3

God gives you eternal life. John 3.16

God helps you. Hebrews 13.6

God directs your paths. Proverbs 3.6

God cares for you. 1 Peter 5.7

God comforts you. Psalm 23.4

God gives you rest. Matthew 11.28

God strengthens us. Philippians 4.13

God provides for your needs. Philippians 4.19

God is faithful to keep all his promises. Hebrews 10.23

God comforts you. 2 Corinthians 1.4

God has power to do everything he has promised. Romans 4.21

God promises not to lie. Numbers 23.19

God promises no more tears, no more pain, no more suffering in heaven. Revelation 21.4

Take a moment to share one or more of these with someone.

Which one(s) bring the most comfort to you?


What Does God Hear?

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It was a pretty typical Sunday in church. During worship of the second service I walked out from the sanctuary for a moment. While walking through the hallway I heard the crying, more like screaming, of a baby from the nursery.

It was then that I asked the question. God what are you listening to right now? The beautiful worship music or the screaming of a child. Please indulge me for a moment as I am fully aware God is omnipresent and can actually do both quite easily.

I stopped in the hall for a moment listening to both the sound of worship and the sound of cries coming from the nursery. The sounds coming from the sanctuary were expressions of love. The sounds coming from the nursery were sounds indicating pain. I stood motionless in the hallway, both sounds demanding a listening ear.

What does God hear?

Is it the Sunday sound of worship that God listens to or the cries coming from a meth house in the Midwest? Is it the sound of church music or the sound of tears from the brothel in India? Is God’s ear tuned to the instruments and voices of the newest worship song or the sirens screaming toward another drive by shooting?

Truth be told we know He is able to listen not just to the worship service but also the cries of people coming from all over the world…all at the same time.

I can’t imagine what God feels on Sunday. Joy and pain, all at once.

So it is that I find myself once again asking God to give me a heart for the lost. Eyes to see the needs around me. Ears to hear more than the beautiful music but also hear the cries of those in pain.

I’d love to hear what you are listening to today?