Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.38-41

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Leadership begins in the home.

As leaders we must understand the gravity of this one statement. If we can’t lead our homes what makes us believe we can lead others?

Peter’s mother-in-law is sick with fever. Let’s be honest. You must be a pretty good leader if you’re being asked to pray for someone’s mother-in-law! Leadership is all about restoring others, serving others and loving others.

Isn’t this the model Jesus left for us? He loved others. He served others and he brought restoration to lives.

Note what happens next. The crowd comes to Jesus. Jesus simply helps one woman. She then responds by utilizing her gifts. She served. Leadership is all about helping others discover their gifts and then seeing them act upon them. This builds the Kingdom!

Following this, the crowd comes to Jesus. Leadership is not about attempting to draw a crowd to yourself. It’s about serving the one and then watching what God does in the midst of your service.

How are you utilizing your leadership for the one?



Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.10-14

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Leaders know how to take an obscure vision and make it practical and attainable.

Immediately following John’s words to bring fruit in keeping with repentance, the crowd asks, “What then shall we do?” I love John’s response.

Share with others. Don’t take more than is yours. Don’t threaten anyone.

Three simple things. Practical and attainable.

Note that John addresses the entire crowd in his delivery. He tells the everyday person to share a tunic. He charges the tax collectors to only take what is rightfully theirs. He commands the soldiers with do not extort money from others. In other words he breaks down the vision for each person. He makes it real for them.

As leaders, we can have incredible vision but the real question is whether the vision will reach all people. Can everyone be included in the vision? Are the first steps attainable? As a leader, do you know how to include, involve and initiate change?

Finally, allow me to draw your attention to the motive behind vision. Compassion.

If our vision is not about helping others, it’s a vision about us. Selfish.

How are you including others in your vision?

How can you make your purpose wrap its arms around compassion?