Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.14-15

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I invite you to re-read Luke 4.1. “And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness…”

Jesus was full of the Spirit AND led by the Spirit. As leaders it becomes crucial that we follow this pattern of followship. We are to be full and led by the Spirit for the work of God in and through our lives.

Following Jesus’ temptation, he begins his ministry. In other words, his vision begins to unfold for the people. So much has happened up to this point in preparation for the vision.

Verse 14 is an interesting one. Following the temptation, Jesus returns ‘in the power of the Spirit.’ Jesus is empowered for the mission before him. He realizes that before spreading the vision God has strategically placed in his heart, he must have an encounter with the power of the Spirit.

Note the transformation that takes place. Jesus full (covered over) of the Spirit moves to in the power (special miraculous power) of the Spirit. Leaders who attempt to move out without the power of the Spirit potentially limit their impact. It’s the work of the Spirit in us that ushers in results.

Avoid the greatest temptation of all…leading in your own strength.

It is from here that Jesus begins his ministry. Verse 15 tells us that he begins his teaching ministry. His message has stood the test of temptation.

In what ways are you allowing the Spirit of God to work in your life?

What gifts will you need to lead?