The Value of a Thank You Note

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I love receiving personal mail. Call me old fashion but there is something about walking out to the mailbox and discovering something other than a bill or advertisement addressed to ‘Resident’ or ‘Occupant.’

Perhaps social media has made us a bit lazy in this arena. We simply post a generic ‘Thanks’ to everyone and call it good. We shoot a text their way and check it off our list of things to do. Simply stated, personalized thank you’s have become a lost art.

Seeing someone took the time to write out my name on the envelop with a hand-written note on the inside is extremely rewarding. So I thought I’d give 10 reasons why a personalized note makes a difference.

  1. Reminds you, the sender that others took time to make your day or event special.
  2. The discipline of gratitude develops the character of contentment.
  3. Helps form a habit of thankfulness in your life. This makes you aware of other’s efforts in everyday situations.
  4. Let’s the giver know you’ve received the gift and appreciate them for it.
  5. Models a biblical principle. 2 Corinthians 9.11 – “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”
  6. Your gratitude is ‘spread forward’ reminding others to express it as well.
  7. Jimmy Fallon does it. (Expressing thanks is fun.)
  8. You stick out from the crowd. People remember you.
  9. People may keep your note to encourage them on their down days.
  10.  Thank you notes make you a better communicator. Make a mistake with a text, simply erase and start over. Writing forces you to carefully weigh each word before placing it on the card.

Love to hear from you and what other benefits there are to writing a thanks you note.

AND…I know I’m violating my own post, but Thanks for following and reading. It encourages me to continue developing my skills as a grateful writer.