Leadership Lessons from Luke 5.1-5

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This portion of Jesus’ journey begins with three words, “On one occasion…” Jesus had many of these type of events during his time on earth. John tells us that this is just one example of Jesus’ style of leadership.

People pressed in to hear the word of God. We can conclude two thoughts from this. First Jesus has said and done enough up to this point for people to have a desire to hear the message. Second, Jesus was not so much interested in promoting himself, but rather, the message.

Don’t get caught in the trap of leading people to yourself. Lead them to what brings life to their situation.

Notice Jesus’ leadership in the midst of chaos. The crowd is pressing. It’s loud. People are jockeying for position. The smell of fish and sweat. The breeze off the sea. Some are washing their nets, others are walking past wondering what’s up, and parents are attempting to keep track of their children.

It’s in the midst of all of this that Jesus formulates a strategic move. He jumps in the boat and immediately summons Peter to put his net into the deep water. The crowd is silenced. Jesus is focused on his mission.

The vast amount of distractions don’t seem to bother him. He is steadfast and resolute. Leaders know how to remain focused in the midst of chaotic happenings. They have a plan and stick to it. While others are watching what is happening, leaders are making it happen.

How do you handle chaos? Are you a fight, flight or make it right individual?





Oh, How I Miss Garbage!

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The other day I took out the garbage. I know…I know…you do too. So what’s the big deal?

When I went to throw the garbage in the big, blue, plastic container I noticed how empty our container was. Still not a big deal? Keep reading.

Just yesterday (not really, just seems like it) our big, blue, plastic container was filled each week for the big, blue, metal garbage truck. What has happened to all our garbage? Where did it go? Why do we only have one bag a week rather than five or six bags a week?

It graduated and moved on. No, the garbage didn’t move on. I was just using symbolism.

Our kids graduated and moved on. No, they are not garbage. I love my kids. Stop getting ahead of me. Let me finish.

As each child moved on the amount of garbage collected and placed by the curb on Wednesday night diminished. My wife and I don’t produce near as much garbage as when there were six of us living at home.

My weekly trip to the curb with my big, blue, plastic container is a reminder that my kids have graduated and moved on.

Oh, how I miss garbage!