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The Four-Minute Marriage Builder

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Many of us have heard of or even read the book, “The One Minute Manager.” This book gave us great insights into being the leader/manager in one-minute segments. It was meant to inspire us to be healthier leaders in the workplace. Being a leader in the workplace is admirable, but is it possible to make our marriages healthier?

My wife was recently listening to the radio when she heard  a similar concept to the one-minute manage called,  the four-minute marriage builder.

You see I had come in the door the other day, having had one of those days, when she stopped me with these words.

“Did you know that the first four minutes a husband and wife connect after being away sets the mood for the rest of the evening?”

Apparently, taking the first four minutes with your spouse is crucial to building better relationships.

What would you do with your first four minutes? Here’s a few ideas…

  • A four-minute hug.
  • Say, “I Love You” in  five different languages.
  • Sit on the couch, porch or patio and ask about each other’s day.
  • Grab hold of your spouse, look them in the eye and tell them three beautiful things about them.
  • Dance.   Couple Dancing
  • Ask what was the best thing that happened, most surprising thing that happened, and most common thing that happened today .
  • Sit your spouse down and give them a foot rub.
  • Kiss.
  • Tell your spouse one thing you enjoy about him/her.
  • Give your spouse a nice four-minute back rub.

Well there you have it. Take four minutes before you do anything else. This sets the tone for the evening and quite possibly for the next several years.

Have a great week…or should I say, a wonderful four minutes!

What are some other creative ways you can express your love in the first four minutes?


Faith to Move Trees

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Life is a journey.

A journey of trust, faith, adventure, risk, hope, and certainly, uncertainty.

During our journey each of us will have reason to celebrate as well as run up against obstacles meant to slow us or even stop us from succeeding. Most days great faith is not needed to move the mountains in our path. More often life’s journey calls for an occasional tree that needs to be moved. Don’t get me wrong, whether a mountain or a tree, it involves taking a risk, a bit of hope, some trust and without question, faith is desperately needed. When faith demands action, initiation trumps participation. Start a revolution that demonstrates your spirit of adventure. Not only will you see tremendous movement in your life as a result, but you’ll  witness others, who will be challenged to be a part of your movement. Watch this inspiring two and a half minute video demonstrating the creative potential when just one believes and then ask…

  • what is an area of my life that I need more child-like faith?
  • how could I step out in faith today?
  • a risk I’m willing to take that helps others?
  • who could I share my journey of faith with to help encourage them?

What message did you get after watching this video?