Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.3-13

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Your enemy will do everything he can to stop you from being the leader God has called you to be. If he can’t stop it, he will greatly limit it.

The devil comes to Jesus to test him. Your vision will be repeatedly tested. We sometimes believe that this encounter was the only time Jesus was tested. He was continually questioned regarding his leadership. We find this to be true right up to the time of his death.

The first temptation came in the form of eliminating Jesus’ hunger, his physical desires. As leaders we should be aware of our own wants, desires and hunger. It’s the one thing that the enemy uses in your life over and over to get you to fail. Do you know what hunger you have that could take you down?

Second, the enemy tempts Jesus by questioning his authority. Every leader faces this question. People will question you and what authority you have to lead. Jesus answered by reminding the enemy that he is under authority. In other words, rather than defend his right to lead, he humbles himself. He is under authority.

Finally, Jesus has his identity questioned. “If you are the Son of God…” Are you really who you say or think you are is the inquiry. Jesus allows God to defend him.

The enemy leaves, but only until an opportune time (verse 13). You will continually be lured into questions about you and your leadership. Let your responses be bold and your character remain humble.

What temptations do you face as a leader?

How have you had to trust God during attacks from others?



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