Leadership Lessons from Luke 4.1-2

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Beware of the temptation to see the vision fulfilled before its time.

Too many leaders will compromise their character and the vision before them. The temptation to quickly gain notoriety often leads to a failed vision. A leader’s desire for accolades and applause from the crowd sacrifices the full impact of what is to come.

Temptation will follow your vision. Without it, you’ll forgo necessary steps and character development meant to strengthen you for the journey. The Son of God entered into this period, full of the Holy Spirit. It’s crucial that each leader find themselves dependent on the Spirit for the battles that are just ahead.

He found himself hungry in the wilderness for forty days. This speaks to the heart of a chosen leader. You’ll not only find your vision tested but you’ll be tested as well. Loneliness often accompanies the life of a sold out leader. This will challenge your level of hunger.

It’s during this time that your willingness to give your all in order to forge ahead will be tested as well as your commitment to run with the vision. This period determines whether the vision you carry is from the flesh or the Spirit.

How is your vision being tested?

What is the biggest temptation you have to overcome before presenting your vision?


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