Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.23-38

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Your vision is never YOUR vision. As leaders we must come to grips with the idea that what we hold in our hands is a result of generations prior to us. We were simply chosen to deliver what has been years in the making.

77 generations are listed in the lineage of Jesus. I find that number quite interesting as the number seven is the number of perfection. At exactly the right moment and with deliberate perfection on the part of God, Jesus comes.

Your leadership is not an accident. You were placed here at this precise time for a specific task. Your gifts and abilities are meant to take all that has preceded you and bring it about.

I find it compelling that Luke took several verses to list the 77 generations. Without a doubt he lists them to send a message to the reader. You are not alone in your leadership. Your vision has many supporters. Allow this truth to give you confidence as you deliver the vision.

The making of your leadership and vision has gone through years of refining, now bringing you to this point in history. You don’t walk alone. Each prior generation contributed to your leadership and purpose.

This doesn’t stop with you. You are to now bring courage to future generations. God wishes to birth something in you that will restore hope, meaning and value to others.

Your birth circumstances and position in life are not accidents.  God has chosen you for this time.

What other reasons do you think Luke has for including the previous generations?

How does knowing you’re not alone give you confidence?


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