Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.21-22

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Vision is much like that of a relay race. The message is carefully passed on from one runner to the next. The key is keeping pace with God and not dropping it.

John, now in prison, passes the baton on to Jesus for the next leg of the race. Later He will pass it on to the disciples who will pass it on, ultimately being passed on to you. Our responsibility is to carefully steward the vision and then joyfully pass it on to the next group.

Too many leaders hold on to the vision too long. Whether out of insecurity or ego they keep the vision to themselves. We do well to remember that we are a fraction of hope to others. This is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ operating in harmony.

Jesus, now ready to run with the baton, is sent by God racing around the track. He will round the corner, doing his part, the whole time looking for the next runner. This perspective gives us the courage to run, knowing that we are chosen by God and he is pleased with our strides.

Several have run before Jesus received the baton. Remember back to Zechariah,  Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, Anna, and Simeon, to name a few. All carriers.

Have you come to understand your part in the leadership journey?

Who are you looking to hand the baton of leadership too?

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