Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.18-20

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A leader’s aim is to deliver vision that brings good news to people. The motive behind the vision should always be to benefit the lives of others. Anything less than this only serves the selfish ambition of the individual sharing vision.

Leaders also realize that in the midst of sharing the good news, there will be some who will oppose you on what you bring. Some will not understand and others will not want to understand. They choose to ignore your vision because it wreaks damage to theirs.

As a result of you being led by God to bring hope you now find yourself locked away. Perhaps not physically as John was but you find yourself having encountered a roadblock to getting the message out to others.

Your voice to many has been silenced by a few.

Your stance against the atrocities of others has put you behind bars, so to speak. You find yourself unable to move, leaving you in a prison of self doubt. Did God really speak to me? Where did I go wrong? Why is this happening to me?

Your influence has been severely diminished.

Perhaps the lesson from these two verse is found in realizing that we only play a small part of the overall vision. John got the message out. His role was coming to an end. As leaders we do well to understand that we have just a piece of the message.

Have you ever felt locked up, unable to adequately bring forth the entire vision? What did that feel like?

How does knowing that we have only a piece of the message encourage us in our walk?




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