Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.15-17

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There are moments when others will mistakenly believe we carry the leadership baton, when in fact we are only servants of it. This was the case with John.

People thought he was the Messiah. He quickly turned this around by showing that he only had a small part. The greater vision was coming. Responding in humility, boldly opens the door for vision to be released.

Note that John knew the message and shamelessly proclaimed it. By doing such, he immediately dismissed himself from receiving any glory. He was only a servant to the greater vision.

Too many aspiring leaders disqualify themselves by promoting themselves. The color we bring to a vision serves to compliment the other ones. Together we make a bold and beautiful vision.

I love John’s reply in verse 16. “…but someone is coming soon who is greater than I am-…” Later John goes on to suggest that who they were seeking will do even greater things. This is the mark of a true servant-leader.

In every vision there are a multitude of people who play a vital role to its release. It is therefore crucial that each member know their part and operate in it with both confidence and humility. John is a great example of both.

How much of a role do you play in the vision of others?

How are you walking in boldness with humility in this vision?



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