Leadership Lessons from Luke 3.7-9

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Harsh words to say the least! And yet true.

At times God calls his leaders to a raise their voice, even if it shakes a bit. We are called to echo the words and heart of God to a generation. This is the purpose for which God gives vision to his people.

Vision is to unify and bring meaningful purpose to people’s lives. As harsh as the words John proclaimed on that day, they were meant to align people and call them to a greater good.

John challenges the people to bear good fruit. What may be interpreted as a mean guy that is simply yelling at people is really all about a man with a vision to restore kindness and grace to a nation.

Kindness and grace comes as we do our best to bring good fruit. This is in response to the three verses we looked at previously (4-6) and appear just above these three verses (7-9). Make paths straight and fill the valleys. In other words the ‘how’ to the ‘what.’

Every visionary must have a how to the what. What is the vision God has given you? How are you going to see it happen? When and where will you share it?

I’ve seen many a leader who has the what of the vision but has little idea of how and when and where. Oh, and don’t forget, why. Why? To bear good fruit. This is the purpose of vision.

Do you know the why, what, where, when, who and how of the vision you hold?

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