Leadership Lesson from Luke 3.1-3

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God is clearing a pathway for the vision you’ve been given.

Remember John, Zechariah’s son? God did not forget him. Fast forward approximately 18 years and we see John going about preparing others for Jesus. 18 years is a long time to wait for the vision to make its way into the hearts and minds of people.

For all those years the vision was made to marinade in the life of Jesus. He learned the culture, the land, and the people. One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is taking a vision to others without learning about those who will receive the vision.

Note how these three verses name nine people as well as the region. This provides the backdrop for the vision. It becomes imperative that leaders take time to study the ingredients surrounding them in order to understand what the vision will marinade in.

Never make the mistake of underestimating this. In this time of waiting, we are given insight into potential opposition we may face. This allows us time to adequately prepare ourselves and the message.

Finally, we see another, John who goes before us to prepare the hearts of others. Teamwork is a vital ingredient to seeing the vision radiate into the lives of the people.

What are you doing with your vision during your season of waiting?

Who do you have on your team?


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