Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.50-52

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Not everyone will understand the vision God gives to his leaders. Leaders must learn to develop their character as tall as the vision God gives.

Jesus tells his parents the purpose he was given and they didn’t understand it (verse 50). No one understood Jesus more than his parents yet they were not able to grasp the meaning. There will be, at times, people closest to you who do not understand what it is in your heart to do.

Regardless, Jesus goes with his parents and remains submissive to them. The very people who couldn’t  comprehend his vision! This speaks of a leader’s ability to have great vision and yet remain humble and under authority.

I’ve known many a leader who received a vision only to remove himself from those around him out of pride. Submission is a vital part of the release of the vision. Pushing people away from you because they don’t get it is one way to see a vision die.

The result of all of this?

Jesus increased in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man (verse 52). The accountability he placed himself in allowed for the vision within him to flourish. Never underestimate the power of accountability.

Our growth as leaders is as important as the growth of the vision.

How are you staying grounded as you lead?

Who are the people you allow to speak into your life?


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