Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.41-50

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Leaders constantly prepare for their time to lead.

Jesus is 12 years old when he gains opportunity to teach in the temple. Other leaders are around him asking questions and listening to him (verse 46).

The first 12 years of Jesus’ life are silent. We really have little idea of what was going on in the home of Joseph and Mary. What we can conclude is that Jesus was learning all he could from his parents and the voice of his Father.

Remember, his parents are righteous people. They would have taught Jesus the Scriptures and raised him in an environment of strong character. Now at age 12, Jesus puts all he learned to the test, one might say, before the leaders in Jerusalem.

We realize that for five days Jesus is left on his own. We know this as his parents spend one day traveling from Jerusalem, one day traveling back and three days searching. Each day he is meeting with leaders. What did he do at night? How did he eat? Where did he sleep? He obviously knew more than the Scriptures. He knew how to take care of himself.

We marvel at the fact that he was sitting with other leaders. What I find fascinating is that he had no trouble in finding food or a place to sleep. This tells me of the character he had developed over the past 12 years.

Jewish individuals were very hospitable so I’m sure he had others offering places to stay and food for him to eat. Yet it was in Jesus’ ability to relate to the everyday person that is remarkable. I believe this is the mark of a leader’s ability to walk in humility.

He knows how to ask politely. He knows how to say thank you. He knows how to conduct himself when he is not with leaders. This is the mark of true character. Being authentic when you’re not in the spotlight.

What character traits do you posses?

Which character traits do you need to improve on?

What else did you notice from this passage as it relates to character?


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