Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.39-40

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The greater the vision the greater the need for authority and accountability.

Verse 39, “And when they had performed everything according to the Law of the Lord,…” They honored the past law by submitting the future vision to it. A mistake young leaders often make is assuming their fresh vision is greater than anything from the past.

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it is no longer relevant. The Bible itself is a great example of this. Written many years ago, yet extremely valuable and relevant to our lives today.

God releases the vision with more velocity by observing the authority of the Law of the Lord. In other words does your vision line up with Scripture? Does your vision complement Scripture? Does your vision breath Scripture (John 1.1)?

As the vision grows in a healthy environment (verse 40), it becomes stronger. Be reminded that all vision begins small and must grow in maturity and scope. If a vision isn’t growing it is doomed to fail at some point. It’s crucial, therefore that you submit the vision to God’s Word and the accountability of other seasoned visionary’s.

Give time for the vision to mature. God’s favor falls upon it as it develops under authority and with rich accountability.

How have you submitted your vision to God and those in authority?

What are you doing to allow the vision to mature?



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