Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.21

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Great vision without great detail is destined to fail. Details are the bridge connecting the vision to those who benefit from it.

Luke 2.21 – “Eight days later, when the baby was circumcised, he was named Jesus, the name given him by the angel even before he was conceived.”

The writer, Luke immediately gives us five important aspects to the vision. Leaders who announce vision must carry the necessary specifics in their back pocket.

Eight days later, tells us there is timing to the vision.

The baby was circumcised, indicates there is a process to the vision.

He was named Jesus, tells us there is a naming of the vision.

Given him by the angel, suggests God should be intricately involved in the vision.

Before he was conceived, concludes that God is the giver of vision.

Your vision requires forward movement. Details should never slow the vision. Rather they are meant to get the ball rolling. First steps bring momentum to the otherwise stationary vision.

Never leave the details of a vision to a sub-committee or group of people who haven’t pondered the vision in their own heart. Remember, vision is to unite people in order to bring hope to others.

Include the team God brings you in the particulars of the vision.

What are your first steps to moving the vision forward?

How are you including others in the vision God has given?



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