Leadership Lessons from Luke 2.15-20

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Vision is meant to bring hope to others. It is meant to inspire others to take leaps of faith.

Immediately the shepherds head toward Bethlehem and the baby. This required great faith on their part. Once they arrived, they begin to share what the angel told them. This small, but important detail illustrates for us the heart of God. We beautifully see this in verse 19.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”Hope filled her heart.

As God brings vision, he brings confirmation of that vision. Why? For us to contemplate it in our lives. The vision has to reach us before it can reach others. Our heart has to fully embrace the vision before we can expect others to grasp it.

We can clearly see this in the attitude of the shepherds as they depart Mary and Joseph. They left full of hope and encouraged in the fact that they had a part of the vision. The vision also brought hope to the shepherds. They would in turn share this hope with other shepherds. Hope in a Savior.

Vision serves to unite people together that would not otherwise meet. A carpenter named Joseph and a bunch of shepherds, unnamed. Up to this point we see just a handful of individuals who have been made aware of the vision. Remember, vision begins small and grows.

God gives vision. As leaders we are called to steward that vision. Part of this demands that we allow the vision to grow organically. We can never get ahead of it. Let God set the pace.

How have you treasured the vision in your own life?

How does your vision secure hope for others?



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