Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.80

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Luke 1.80 – “John grew up and became strong in spirit. And he lived in the wilderness until he began his public ministry to Israel.”

Growth as a leader demands being strong in spirit. This fortitude comes from spending time in the wilderness, where authenticity is forged. It’s only then that we can/should begin our public ministry. So what exactly does it mean to be in the wilderness?

Recall that even Jesus spent time in the wilderness (Luke 4.1-14). We too must pass through this season of testing. The wilderness constructs us into the leader God desires. Every leader must face this character building process. It is designed to develop the necessary skills and fine-tune the gifts God has given.

You may feel alone, rejected, or abandoned. Fear and doubt set it as your journey takes you to places you never thought you would cross. The wilderness strengthens us for the next task, often one that demands more fortitude. The greater the vision, the harsher the wilderness.

God allows us to proceed in these times to confirm his call and the vision at hand. Not for his sake, he already knows, but for ours. Too many leaders go to great lengths to avoid or pass through the wilderness too quick. This is a grave mistake and may very well cost them in the long run.

As a leader in God’s Kingdom, learn to see the wilderness as a sign that God is bringing you to a place of great strength for the task at hand.

Have you or are you currently in a wilderness experience?

How do you handle wilderness?

How might this experience strengthen and confirm the vision?

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