Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.57-66

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Naming a vision requires hearing from God.

A couple who were thought too old to become pregnant deliver a son. All that remains now is to name the child. Everyone suggested that the child be named Zechariah, after the father.

This would not be the case. The name of the child would be foreign to family and friends. John would be his name. “None of your relatives is called by this name.” (1.61)

There are times when your vision will not have your name on it. The vision is to be referred to as something entirely different from what you might call it. Why? Your vision is called something different because it goes beyond you and your life.

This concept is displayed in verse 65. As a result of naming the vision something else, these things were talked about through all the hill country of Judea. The vision was meant to immediately reach beyond the borders of our own thinking.

“What then will this child be?” Is the statement that follows in verse 66. The people immediately recognize that this vision goes beyond Zechariah and Elizabeth. May the same be true of the vision God places in your heart.

What other insights do you notice from this passage?


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