Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.39-45

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Mary is so filled with purpose that she immediately travels to Elizabeth’s home to tell her the news. What makes this so beautiful is that even before Mary can spit out the news, the baby in Elizabeth jumps for joy and Elizabeth is filled with the Spirit.

Pregnant leaders bring life to leaders who are pregnant with vision.

The vision God gives to us is not only meant to fill us with more vision but it is to ignite others who are also carriers of vision. Not only should our passion stir others but it is meant to confirm the vision in others.

All leaders need some sort of authentication that they too carry vision. As Mary encouraged Elizabeth we are to ‘breath courage’ (meaning of encouragement) into others.

I absolutely love how Elizabeth immediately focused on Mary’s pregnancy rather than speak about her own. She wasn’t jealous that someone else had a greater vision. She rejoiced!

Recall that Elizabeth has been in hiding for five months. How she must have longed to tell someone! Rather than make the meeting about her vision, however, she shifts the conversation to Mary’s. She loved Mary and her condition more than her own!

Leaders know how to celebrate others.

How are you celebrating others around you? How are you confirming and encouraging the vision of others?

How does this attitude strengthen your own sense of purpose?


Photo of my daughter, Bethany McGrath by Erica Torgeson Photography


2 thoughts on “Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.39-45

    Cathy Cottrell said:
    December 27, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Great word Rod and beautiful picture of Bethany. Praying for an easy delivery for her.

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