Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.26-33

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I find it incredibly fascinating how God orchestrates the opening chapter of Luke. He begins with an elderly couple unable to have children, although I’m sure they had tried several times over the year.

Following, we are introduced to a young virgin who is told she will have a baby. But the contrasts don’t stop here. Note the following contrasts.

Zechariah – older, male, priest, married, doubted the angel. Mary – younger, female, engaged, from Nazareth (see John 1.46), believed the angel.

One more contrast shows itself in our story. Zechariah is unable to speak once he discovers his wife, Elizabeth is going to have a child. This due to his unbelief. Mary, on the other hand, sings from a heart of utter belief (Luke 1.47-56)!

Two unique individuals, both chosen by God, yet very different from one another.

This tells me that a creative God is not only able, but also chooses to use people and their diversity with great intentionality and for great purpose.

How many times have you compared yourself with another individual, questioning whether or not you could be a leader? How many times have you been jealous of someone’s abilities rather than recognize the unique qualities God has given you? How many times have you tried to be like someone else or do something like someone else? Again, realizing that God has called you, with all your gifts, personality and strengths.

As God calls you to newer levels of leadership, never forget that he understands what he’s getting when he calls. He chose you. Time to push beyond your insecurities, your doubts, your failures, and disappointments. Its time to lead.

What’s the biggest reason you hesitate to step out and lead?




2 thoughts on “Leadership Lessons from Luke 1.26-33

    Bethany said:
    December 20, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Great comparisons & lessons!

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