Leadership Lessons From Luke 1.18-25

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The Waiting Period

Zechariah sees an angel while serving in the temple and hears a message that will leave an eternal impact on people.He is unable to speak, when he finally makes his way out of the temple.

Every vision from God has a waiting period. The period between obtaining the vision and the time to speak it. In this case it was nine months. The message her is that God get us pregnant with vision that is to be birthed at the right time. We see this exemplified when Zechariah attempts to communicate the vision but is unable. It’s not time.

Everyone returns home and Elizabeth becomes pregnant. Zechariah sees and hears the vision but Elizabeth carries it. Don’t miss this point. There are times when God breathes a message to us, but another will deliver the message. I believe this is so no one can claim all the credit, but God gets the glory.

For the first five months Elizabeth stays in the house (verse 24) and Zechariah in unable to speak. This would no doubt make for an interesting home life! Carrying the vision is at times uncomfortable and a bit awkward.

Too often the mistake a young leader will make is receiving a vision or idea only to immediately speak it out. The vision is right, it’s just not the right time. Sometimes we must hide it from others for a period of time. This allows for preparation, passion and personal development in the life of the one to speak and deliver the vision.

There are times when the vision is delayed (Habakkuk 2.3a). Always for a greater purpose and impact.

Has God given you a vision? Does it seem like it’s taking a long time to come about? What is he wanting to do in you during the waiting period?

You may not be able to carry the vision, but God wants you to name it. This truth is coming in a later post. Watch for it.


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