Leadership Lessons From Luke 1.8-17

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A Collision with Destiny

I love how Zechariah ‘just happens’ to be serving as priest on this particular day. He was chosen by lot (verse 9) “while his division was on duty.”

There are moments when you may feel as if you are simply going through the motions and doing your job. It’s at these times that God has other plans. He has set you up for an encounter…a collision with destiny.

What fascinates me with this passage is that God was fully aware of the pain Zechariah and Elizabeth had been carrying in their life, not having a child. Yet He chose to wait until a specific moment in time to deliver the news to the couple.

He gives them instructions on how to care for and raise the child because he has a tremendous call on his life.

“And he will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.” 1.16

You may feel barren in your call or leadership. You may feel as if you are simply going through the motions. You may feel forgotten. I assure you, God has not forgotten and has been working behind the scenes preparing you for a collision.

What He wishes to do in your life is far greater than you could have imagined when you entered this season. Continue to be faithful in what you’re doing today. It’s not an accident you find yourself serving.

What are you doing today in preparation for a birthing of destiny in your life?


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