15 Dazzling Date Designs #9 & #10

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Do The Rotten Tomatoes 

Don’t want to pay $10 or more to see a movie? Who does? Actually quite a few do but that’s another blog post. Instead, wait a few months for it to hit the dollar theater (of course, it’s a bit more than a dollar). Avoid the high priced concessions and grab an ice-cream cone on the way home. As your eating your ice cream, talk about your favorite character, your favorite scene, an alternate ending that would have made the movie that much better and of course your rotten tomato review.

Put on Your Game Face 

Make your favorite desserts or snacks, call a couple of friends, apply game face paint, and pull out a groovy board game, dominos or your favorite card game. As an added twist to the evening play all three at once. Set up all three games and rotate your way through each game. This way you’re always playing something. No waiting for someone to move their piece or choose a card. Grab a bite of dessert or snack following each move or game play at each table. No cheating while the others are focused on another game. Well…

Which one of the two sounds more fun?


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