15 Dazzling Date Ideas, #3 & #4

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Wish to add a bit of creativity and fun to your dates? Last time I offered a couple of ideas to get you started. Here are a few more dating designs deemed dazzling, if you dare.

#3 – Viva Italia!

Go shopping for your favorite pizza ingredients in order to create your own pizza masterpiece. Download some Italian music, put flour on each other’s face, wear a chef’s hat and talk with an Italian accent as you prepare and eat your pizza. While your Italian creation is baking, take a walk around the block ending every sentence with the phrase, “Bada Bing, Bada Boom!” Following dinner indulge in a cappuccino and cannoli while watching the movie, “Life is Beautiful.”

#4 – Social Network the Night Away

Jump in your car and without any planned destination, start driving. Document your night through one or several different social networking sites. Grab those fun pictures and/or videos of the two of you out on a completely spontaneous date. Record the two of you at each site (taking your picture with a mannequin, sharing dessert, putting together and trying on the strangest outfit at a department store, visiting a pet store, strolling downtown, showing up for a party at the wrong address, pushing each other on a swing, antiquing, kidnapping friends, watching a movie on a TV at Best Buy, stopping to climb a tree, etc…).

Which one of the two is your favorite?

Most of all have fun and come back next week for two more dazzling date ideas!


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