Behind the Scars

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This past Sunday I brought my wife home from the hospital. What was to be a fairly simple overnight stay turned into a four night hospitalization. Each day we were faced with the reality that we may not be able to go home that day. #cancer

As you’ll see by the scar, my wife had her thyroid removed. Behind this scar is a story of fear, faith, appointments, prayer, pain, non-slip socks, IV’s, bills, surgery, more prayer, hospital food, anxiety, visits by friends, lab reports, medications, walking the halls, open back hospital gowns, healing, flowers, text messages, surgery, low #calcium.

Regardless of the size of our scars, each one tells a story. A story that should be told. Behind the scar is an individual who has endured, continues to fight and have hope. Each scar waits to tell their story. For what reason? To bring #courage.

Courage that you too can sail through each storm. Perhaps one reason we share our scars with others. That we might in some way encourage others that behind each scar is the One who took our scars. We don’t have to walk alone. He understands our scars. #Christ.

1 Peter 2.24 – “He personally carried our sins in His body on the #cross so that we might be dead to sin and live for what is right. For by His wounds (stripes, marks, scars) you are healed.”


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