What’s Going On?

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Special Thanks for this Guest Post by my good friend, Tim Moen.

I was walking out to the car at our hotel parking lot. As I stepped off the curb this guy came diving in very recklessly and fast. As I stepped off the curb he slammed on his breaks, quickly backed up and started forward again He then almost hit a car coming around the corner. Finally into a parking space. I stopped and was just watching him.

He hurriedly got out of the car, all disheveled, and grabbing his brief case. I was feeling irritated because of my perception of reckless driving. We made eye contact and I calmly asked him if he was okay. (Honestly, I thought he was late for work or something). As he RAN to the hotel door he responded back, “My dad just passed away!”

I am notorious for judging what I think to be the irresponsible actions of others. It’s like I have this justice mechanism built into me. However, at that moment my whole perspective of this young, crazy, irresponsible driver changed. I was filled with sympathy, compassion, and understanding. I prayed for him and his family and placed a short note on his car.

It got me thinking about how many times my judgment and justice mode has kicked in over the years. If we only knew what was really going on in the lives of others!

Sure there are crazy idiots out there! We all know that to be true. However, today God reminded me that not everyone fits into that category. Most are people just like you and me, who are trying desperately to handle the issues of life the best they can.

Let’s not be so quick to judge. Rather let’s be “Quick to listen and slow to speak.” It will help us to have a greater understanding and love for people! It also helps us to live a life at peace, in a world that is far from it.


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