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151HTeamwork requires two things.

First you must have a team. Second you have to agree to work…together as a team.

Take either one away and you are left with a team that doesn’t work or you end up working alone. Life was meant to be lived with others. Work is meant to be accomplished as a team.

God modeled this in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Genesis 1.26a – “Then God said, ‘Let us make human beings…'” Let US work together to make people.

We work best when we work together.

Life is difficult enough when we attempt to approach it by ourselves. The key to accomplishing much of what lies in front of us is to be part of a team that works together. This means a couple of things.

We must learn to trust one another.

We must learn to appreciate the gifts/abilities others bring to the team.

Different positions…same team.

We must learn to not just work as a team but celebrate as a team. No one individual is more valuable than another. We work together as a team, we celebrate together as a team.


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