Wait for it…

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Waiting RoomIsaiah 40.31 tells us that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. This is one of those verses that we love to quote for others but don’t enjoy living out ourselves. We don’t like to wait.

July of 2015 I went through four surgeries in three weeks. This three week period also included three emergency room visits, three hospitalizations and three unplanned surgeries.

As you can imagine I encountered several doctor appointments, pre-op and post-op waiting periods, long periods of waiting in the emergency room and a plethora (I love that word) of lab results from doctors and hospitals.

Everything seemed to hinge on me waiting by the phone for a result.

And then one day I sensed the Lord speak to me to help me change my perspective.

Rather than waiting for a phone call from a health professional, why not use that time to wait on what He was saying and what report He wanted to bring my way.

Thus I began a new journey of waiting. My life no longer depends on the phone call from an individual, but rather renewing my strength as I wait on God and His report.


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