Who’s on Your Journey with You?

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Every day is a journey. Sometimes it’s a planned journey, other times we are caught completely by surprise.

What’s vital on each journey, however, is who we travel with on our journeys. The who often determines the how. Whether on a planned journey or one that we hadn’t counted on, our choice of passengers means the difference between becoming better or bitter.

This is especially true when life throws us a curve ball and we find ourselves down an unfamiliar road. The pre-flight announcements indicate a destination of sickness or loss of job, the loss of a relative or close friend, a struggling marriage or unrelenting battles at home.

Having the right people in our row means everything as we journey through life.

Who are the people you want next to you?

Who are the people on a difficult journey you can sit next to?

What is it that you can say or someone say to you to bring encouragement?

Seated in Plane



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    Who do you want sitting next to you in life?

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