Five Fancy Festive Finds For Thanksgiving

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animated-turkey-cartoonGive Thanks. Eat. Watch football. Nap. REPEAT.

We’ve got it down. We know the routine. The above senerio will be played out millions of times this Thanksgiving. Not that there is anything wrong with it. As a matter of fact I’ve been caught up in this routine all of my life.  I mean who wouldn’t love a day that involved family, friends, feasting and football?

Of course, depending on your beliefs and traditions, the give thanks part can last but a few seconds (Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub) to several moments with everyone at the table sharing 10 things they are thankful for, grabbing hands and praying, reading Psalm 136…repeat.

So as to hopefully add a spark of holiday exhilaration to your Thanksgiving gala, I’ve given you five fancy festive finds to help break up the monotony that may be found in homes across America.

  • Fancy Festive Find  # 1 – Everyone comes with a 3 x 5 card listing 3 to 5 (see a pattern here) things they are thankful for. Cards are mixed up and redistributed so each person has one. During the meal and one at a time an individual reads a card and others try to guess who the person is that wrote it.
  • Fancy Festive Find # 2 – This one is already fun. Just eat! As a twist, everyone starts with the one food everyone has in common and eats the first bite of that item at the same time. Next, determine which food item has the least amount of people eating it. Once determined, decide to completely eliminate that food from future gatherings.
  • Fancy Festive Find # 3 – Everyone calculates total number of points they think will be scored in each football game by all teams. Person closest to total gets a dollar from everyone else in the room. If everyone is broke, then they get a high-five from everyone else in the room and first choice at pie. If there’s no pie, then why are you having Thanksgiving?
  • Fancy Festive Find #4 – Snap pictures or shoot video of  others cooking, eating, napping, or cleaning. Post them on Instagram, Facebook, Vine or Twitter.
  • Fancy Festive Find #5 – Each guest receives a name tag as they enter. They then have to make up a name that has to do with Thanksgiving and print in on their name tag. During the meal everyone then calls them by their new name. Some examples might include: Turkey, Mayflower, Pilgrim, Pumpkin, Dressing, Giblets, Squash, etc…

Well, there you have it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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